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Campus Recruitment

Technical post             
Do you want to be an engineer? Come on, join us. Through our understanding, you can start to use two-dimensional and three-dimensional software to design machines and components, you can also use configuration software to write machine running programs, and you can also access to the latest artificial intelligence application technology. If you like mechanics, mathematics, physics, computer technology and do it yourself, you will love the job.
We have a tradition of scientific training of technical personnel. Learning to operate and assemble machine tools in a factory is the starting point for becoming a potential technical professional. When you meet the basic skills requirements, you will begin to learn how to develop the best manufacturing process to produce an equipment. Finally, the supervisor will invite you to join a machine design group, where you can transfer all your knowledge Blend with experience and develop your personality.
As the design work requires close communication with customers, English is a basic skill.

Business position

Or, if you are more interested in accounting, cost control, procurement, project management, sales, marketing and personnel management, which is more suitable for you? Cano will provide you with a period of time to understand these positions and give you the opportunity to choose again after this period of time. We are looking forward to your information.


Our positions are posted in Please search for "Suzhou Cano Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd." after landing and submit your resume on 51job. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to get to know you. Alternatively, you can send your resume directly to Email, we will contact you after receiving the email.
Whether it is a technical position or a business position, Cano will provide continuous empowerment for every employee and provide a long-term job promotion system.

Consultation is our number one priority

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