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  • Business management center

    The business management center is the administrative and personnel department of the new continent, which is mainly responsible for the recruitment, training and management of new mainland personnel.

  • Engineering Center

    The engineering center is mainly composed of the electrical department, the engineering department and the after-sales department. The electrical department mainly maintains the electrical equipment of the company's headquarters and workshops. The engineering department is mainly responsible for the follow-up of the new continent engineering projects, site investigation, etc., and carries out the acceptance of various projects and strictly controls the quality, so as to lay a solid foundation for the smooth operation of various engineering systems in the new continent. After sales department can provide on-site machine installation and debugging and personnel training services to help customers optimize the layout of their new plants and equipment. After sales service personnel will give training and guidance on all points of machine operation and maintenance. Machine installation dimensions and service requirements will be provided to customers before delivery, which can help customers prepare for installation and improve efficiency.

  • Financial Center

    The financial center consists of domestic finance department, international finance department, cost management department, planning and budget department, fund planning department and audit department. One of the main objectives of the finance department is to open up sources of funds, control capital costs, speed up capital turnover, and ensure that the cash flow of the company meets the realization of strategic planning.

  • Quality department

    The quality department implements ISO9001, and regularly passes the review of international certification body. The quality team deeply participates in the design and test, constructs the quality standard in the design and test process, and implements the quality standard in the purchasing and manufacturing process. The goal of the quality department is to establish a superior corporate image and serve customers wholeheartedly.

  • Manufacturing center

    The manufacturing center establishes agile production system on the basis of multi variety and small batch sales. The center adopts advanced manufacturing technology and management methods such as flat organization, standardized module design, production forecast, inventory, rolling plan, similar group technology, specialized outsourcing, lean production, 6S and other advanced manufacturing technologies and management methods, and adheres to endless improvement, continuously improving quality, reducing costs, shortening delivery time and enhancing manufacturing flexibility, so as to make the company's manufacturing level and production management level meet customers' requirements Households are increasingly demanding.

  • Designing and Research Institute

    The design and Research Institute consists of four major design and research departments, namely, technology development strategy planning department, system integration design department, product research and development department, and analysis and test department. We are open-minded and open-minded to independent innovation. By innovating the concept of product development, taking the practical application as the direction of research and development, the plan is formulated according to the requirements of customers in the whole life cycle of product development, and an integrated development process management system (IPD) driven by market and customer demand is created.

  • Marketing Center

    Marketing center is the Department in charge of product marketing in new continent. It is responsible for the management of discovering consumer demand, product positioning, leading product development, price strategy and competition, channel management, promotion, daily management of organization and department, marketing strategy planning and strategy implementation.


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