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Visiting Hamos, a famous electrostatic separator expert in Germany, I have a feeling of "craftsman spirit"

On the third day of IFAT Munich 2016, at the joint invitation of German Hamos group and Suzhou Jono German partner UMS, we visited its factory

The equipment of electrostatic separation expert Hamos has been sold to more than 80 countries in the world. However, it is surprising that their main factories are only so large, which is smaller than a warehouse of many domestic manufacturers

The electrostatic separator separates the conductive material and the non-conductor material through high-voltage static electricity. In the figure below, the leftmost part is the material before separation, and the middle and right side are the separated material (double click to see the larger picture)

Materials sent from all over the world are classified and tested in this test center

Test process:

Before and after the test and during the test, continuous data analysis is needed for adjustment

The key point is that the second floor of the inconspicuous building on the right is the place where boss Hamos lives. It is built together with the factory. There is no need to explain the rest

Thirty two years, meticulous attention to this product, created the world civilization electrostatic separator expert Hamos

Thanks to several Hamos experts who have been starving for company till 9:00 p.m. your spirit is a model for Suzhou Jono and many Chinese enterprises to learn from

Work is a kind of practice. How many people in the world can devote their whole life to a craft, a career and a belief?

Focusing on products, paying attention to accumulation and enjoying the process are the biggest differences between the craftsman spirit and the businessman spirit pursuing the maximization of short-term interests. They may have less business acumen, but they have more dedication to the cause


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