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In China, Lindner (Austria) crusher displays biomass crushing (video)

Biomass: mainly refers to straw, trees and other lignocellulose (referred to as lignin) in the process of agricultural and forestry production except grain and fruit, leftovers of agricultural products processing industry, agricultural and forestry wastes and livestock manure and wastes in animal husbandry production process

Biomass utilization technologies at home and abroad are all converted into solid, liquid and gas fuels for efficient utilization

1. Direct combustion technology includes household stove combustion technology, boiler combustion technology, biomass and coal mixed combustion technology, and related compression molding and baking technology

2. Biotransformation technology small household biogas digester, large and medium-sized anaerobic digestion

3. Thermochemical conversion technologies include biomass gasification, retorting and fast pyrolysis liquefaction

4. Liquefaction technology includes extraction of vegetable oil technology, ethanol, methanol and other technologies;

5. Organic waste energy treatment technology

Crushing into suitable particle size is an essential prerequisite for these biomass conversion technologies

Lindner company was founded in 1948. Over the past 70 years, Lindner has been focusing on the crusher industry for three generations. Lindner crusher is a world famous brand

Lindner crusher has excellent performance in biomass crushing. The size of coarse crushing is 120 ~ 350mm, the crushing output is 0 ~ 70t / h, and nearly 300 sets (sets) are sold worldwide; the size of fine crushing is 10 ~ 150 mm, the crushing output is 0 ~ 28 T / h, and the global sales volume is nearly 600 sets. It is one of the best-selling crushers in the world

Biomass crushing feed material:

At the site of Juno Lindner fracture line in Suzhou (a province in eastern China)

Video of biological straw crushing scene:

Click the link to view the video

Video of waste wood crushing scene:

Click the link to view the video

Breaking video of landscaping materials:

Click the link to view the video

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